Modern Feminism’s Malignant Mission


The ideology of women being treated and seen as equal to men is what the mainstream feminism moment claims to promote. This, in theory, sounds very reasonable and something that most women would want to get on board with. However, what progressive feminism advertises versus what they put into action are very different things. The radical feminist movement has devolved into demoting men and disgracing women who may disagree with their agenda. Instead of becoming a wave of inclusive strength, feminism aims to degrade in order to heighten their position.  Continue reading “Modern Feminism’s Malignant Mission”

The Slippery Slope of Censoring: Twitter’s Tirade

A new disturbing censoring trend is emerging through Twitter’s banning of conservative users.

This latest tactical form of political warfare has been amped up in the media due to the recent banning of conservative activist, Laura Loomer. Unfortunately, her banning was not an isolated incident; as several other conservative provocateurs have also been permanently banned or suspended from this social media platform, usually for unspecified reasons. A few of the many others that have been barred by the Silicone Valleys’ swamp tirade include Jesse Kelly, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, Candace Owens and David Clarke.

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Abortion’s Continuing Contention

Abortion is one of the most contentious topics of the current time. We have those who petition that abortion is murder, while others demand it’s a woman’s choice to choose. While some believe that unborn lives matter and should be protected, there are those that conclude that it’s perfectly expectable to choose the fate of their own unborn child.

Pro-choice activists get called baby killers and pro-life activists are accused of hating women. These contrasting beliefs have each side vilifying the other without any constructive solutions being given consideration. Both sides are zealous in standing up for what they believe and the pro-life vs pro-choice debate is only heating up.

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College Campuses’ War on The First Amendment

As a recent college graduate, I’ve been reflecting over the time spent at my former university.  It’s still fresh in my mind the countless hours I invested in studying, doing homework, dreading group projects, and wasting class time listening to professors spew their hateful rhetoric about their distaste for anything that might slightly resemble conservatism.

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